eUPP Benefits


  • Full fee payment management
  • Provides a consolidated students data
  • Timely notifications and reminders on due dates, upcoming important
  • Fee details regarding fines, late fee, upcoming events/seminar/activities
  • Fee record maintenance
  • No infrastructural requirements
  • Instant fund transfer
  • Supports fee record maintenance
  • Multicurrency support
  • Handles huge traffic on website
  • Reports
  • Direct transfer of fee to Institute’s bank account
  • Handles huge traffic on website
  • Handles huge traffic on website

Student/ Parents

  • Instant Payment
  • Secure and safe transaction
  • Single interface for all payment options
  • Notifications and reminders on important dates, late fee submission, outstanding amount, fine
  • Multiple payment options
  • Pay for specific period-monthly, quarterly, semester wise
  • Multilingual Portal capability
  • Get updated payment history
  • Pay in advance against foreseen events and activities
  • Receive receipt instantly once the payment is done